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Pet Supplies
Here at Trendi Pawz we strive to help you have the Healthiest and Happiest Furry Family Members as possible!  
Through a healthly all Natural & Holistic Diet you pets can achieve a healthy lifestyle that will help them live a long & happy life! 
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    VeRUS, Annamaet, Acana & Orijen are our 4 lines of All Natural & Holistic Dog Foods! We also have Toys, Treats, Supplments, Grooming Supplies and much, much, more...
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    Orijen, Acana, Annamaet & VeRUS are the All Natural & Holistic Cat Foods we carry. Toys, Treats, Supplments, Grooming Supplies and much, much, more for your Meowwwing Family Member!
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    Kaylor of Colorado foods will help your feathered friends to have a Healthy & Happy Life. Toys, Housing and Supplements will be added to our inventory by the middle of March 2016.
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    Small Animals
    Oxbow foods and Treats are a great way to keep you furry friend happy with out worrying that you are feeding them the best. We also stock huts, dust and other supplies for your tiny friends. More to come in March 2016...Houses, Toys and so much more.
Food Allergies
Many of our furry friend suffer from a food allergy and it is our job to help them find a solution.  Let the knowledgable staff at Trendi Pawz help you figure out what is going on with your Cat or Dog.
Many things can and will stress your furry friends out.  Knowing what they are and how to help them will help you to keep your pets calm.  Anxiety can cause hair loss, chewing, vomiting, pacing, loss of apitite and many other symtoms.  Come talk with us, we can help!
We care about your pets like they were one of our own!